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We have extensive sprinkler and irrigation experience servicing all of Boise and Treasure Valley Idaho.

While less frequent (and often caused by improper installation), more complex problems can occur with a lawn irrigation system; repairs that concern fluctuating water pressure, broken pipes, or soil erosion should, of course, be handled by a professional.

Sprinkler Repairs & Installation

Boise Area Sprinkler Professionals

We make each and every one of our customers happy with prompt service, skilled technicians, and competitive prices. We’re experts at sprinkler system installs and sprinkler repairs for either residential or commercial applications. We also offer sprinkler maintenance agreements to ensure your yard stays beautiful all year long.

Property Management Sprinklers

Not only are we fully equipped to handle all of your residential needs, but we’ve served some of the most premier and elite commercial properties in Boise, Nampa, Kuna and Treasure Valley. We also work closely with Property Management Companies, Condo Associations and Homeowners Associations.

Scheduled Sprinkler Maintenance

We offer scheduled landscaping and sprinkler maintenance options to make sure your irrigation systems are fully operational when you need them most. Don’t go a day in the hot Boise sun without the right sprinklers – your lawn deserves the best! Call our friendly staff for scheduling and estimates.

Spray Sprinkler Systems

A “spray” sprinkler is good for lawns that are relatively flat. They are stationary (though, some “pop up” out of the ground) and release a large amount of water directly around the area of the sprinkler head.

Spray sprinkler systems are not ideal for sloped lawns because the large amounts of water don’t have time to be absorbed into the soil before sliding down a hillside. This results in less than adequate lawn irrigation at the top of the slope, and too much at the slope’s bottom.

Rotor Sprinkler Systems

A “rotor” sprinkler shoots smaller amounts of water from a swiveling head. They are preferred for land that is not flat (easily illustrated by their extensive use on golf courses).

Rotor sprinkler systems are designed so that water doesn’t build up in any one place, no matter its grade.

Contact us today to see if you might need a combination of different types of sprinklers or drip watering systems to fully cover your property.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are best for flowerbeds and gardens. A drip irrigation system is a long, perforated hose that allows water to escape in small quantities at specified points. The hose can be put on or in the ground to directly target a plant’s roots.

We can design custom sprinkler layouts to meet your exact needs. Or, you may find that your commercial or residential yards needs a combination of different types of sprinklers or drip watering systems.

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